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cardS: 206 (1-198 + 8 Limited Edition)

starter pack: € 6.90 (album + 3 packets + 1 card limited)

tin box: € 9.90 (with 4 limited cards)

packets: € 1.50 (6 cards)

Frozen Magazine: nr. 48 and 49 € 3.90 (1 packet + 1 limited card each)

box 24 packets

comment: the Disney + Christmas cartoon combination is almost always a guaranteed success, even more so if the cartoon is the sequel to one of the greatest hits of the new millennium. Panini knows this well and after the album stickers + card ( ) in a few days it doubles with a collection entirely of cards.

The album is well made but some doubts remain, the nice choice to unify the traditional stickers with the most modern cards in one collection was very effective and the result was successful, so much so that it was defined as a really nice album to collect. This card only version does not have the same appeal.

Not only that, the cards of the first collection are sincerely more beautiful and cared for, these having to follow the story of the film (like the stickers in the previous one) are more standard by necessity. The special silver or glitter details are still a nice product, but we remain convinced that in terms of quality the first product could be enough, in terms of quantity and also of marketing, Panini is certainly right. “Better beat the iron until it’s hot.”

However, this collection is very structured, almost like the Adrenalyn Calciatori, in addition to the 198 basic cards (including 100 regular, 54 magic, 44 glitter) there are 8 limited edition cards! Cards that to have them all, do not forget to buy the various products related to the collection, 2 limited are within the starter pack, 1 each in the Frozen magazine nr. 48 and 49, 4 in the dedicated tin box which also has three different images printed on the box.

Collection not easy to complete, some numbers are hard to find and be careful to buy more boxes together, because it can happen to find practically the same ones repeated.

Some alternative advice? Buy the starter pack and use the binder to put the 100 cards of the previous version plus collect the 8 limited of this which are really beautiful. It cannot be defined as complete, but it will make a good impression in your collection.

Final judgment 6.5 / 10


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