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110 JAHRE Sk STURM (Sturm Graz Austria)


stickers: 113 (1-110, N1-N3)

comment: the writer is a lover of celebrative albums, those not only linked to a particular season but to the history of a club, mixing old black and white photos with the most “human” players with recent ones much more colorful and often with players who have just been to the hairdresser.

110 years of Sturm Graz, the club of the second Austrian city, perhaps not a first-rate team in the international panorama, but the city center is Unesco heritage, so a good visit with an annexed stadium may be a good solution.

The album is made directly by the club, of excellent quality, complete with a poster holder on the back cover for a beautiful picture of the whole SK squad. The setting is made for a young public, the Pucky mascot, the panther of the stylized cartoon club that introduces young collectors (not only them) in the club’s history through the stickers.

It’s not a Japanese production, but this review will be atypical, starting from the bottom of the album and going backwards. Why this? To leave the best at the end, of course.

Of the total 110 stickers (a sticker for each year of the club’s life) those from 110 to the 75 tell us the world of Sturm Graz, from the women’s team (now fixed presence, rightly so, of all the official albums of the clubs), to the youth teams, to the sports center , to the fans, etc .; from 33 to 74 the first team, all the technical staff and the complete squad divided by role (goalkeepers, defenders, midfielders, forwards).

The best part of the album is certainly the first, from 1 to 32, where the history of the club is traced, “wie alles begann” (where it all began) to the victories in the Austrian championship of 1998, 1999 and 2011!

There was talk of 110 stickers, in reality they are 113, the 3 extra N1-N2-N3 are not in the packets, but do not worry, they are attached to the album as you can see from our photo. It is not really a historical album, but only for the first 15 pages and 32 stickers, the purchase is valid even if you are not a Sturm Graz fan.

Alles gut!

Final judgement: 8/10


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