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BIG DINOSAURS (Gamma 3000, Italy)


stickers: 205 (1-205)

starter pack: € 3.99 (album + 2 packets + 1 dinosaur)

packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers), € 2.50 (1 packet + 1 dinosaur)

comment: another album about Dinosaurs, which never goes out of fashion and are always very fascinating for children and also for adults. The product of Gamma 3000 is very nice and well made, the 205 stickers are all shaped and find space in the album in the various pages where our great friends are divided by type.

In fact, we have carnivores, herbivores, larger and heavier ones, those with affinity for birds, armored animals, those with bony heads, long necks, feathered ones, those with horns and scales, bipeds and quadrupeds, in a succession of pages where you can discover unknown dinosaurs.

The album has a lot of the charm of the retro, which is not a criticism, it recalls certain albums made in the 70s, without too many frills, 205 shaped and funny stickers animated without glitter, special or other modernity. The exact number of the stickers is unclear, as several are with two stickers to attach, so in reality that 205 drops significantly.

In short, an easy album to complete! Attention to the numbering, in the double stickers we do not find two consecutive images, so if it is easy to complete it is not so, in the case, request the missing stickers.

We find 6 models of 3D Dinosaurs, found in special packets for € 2.50. They are small but well made.

Dinosaurs are always dinosaurs, they like and will always like them. By the way, if you come to Bologna, go and visit the Dinosaurs park, it’s worth it!

Final judgment: 8/10


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