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INTER OFFICIAL 2019/20 (Euro Publishing Italy)


stickers: 228 (1-200 stickers + pop-up cards 1inter-28inter)

starter pack: € 4.90 (album + 7 packets)

packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers)

comment: third year of Euro Publishing also for the new official FC Inter album. The colors of the Nerazzurri society help to make the product very attractive and of impact, the basic black greatly helps the quality.

The slogan “Not for everyone” proudly traces the entire first part of the album, particularly the opening page with the 8 puzzle stickers of the squad and the imposing Milan Cathedral in the background.

As already seen with Milan and Juventus, new purchases are subsequently presented, but here in 4 pages, many have in fact been purchases in the summer of 2019.

Following are the pages dedicated to the coach Conte and to all the players, from Handanovic to Esposito, as many as 27 different players have 5 stickers each dedicated, including a double in action and a special glitter. The 28 pop-up cards to be used on the poster at the center of the album make this album a real reality for the fans and make it a non-alternative product but complementary to the next Calciatori Panini.

Many final pages dedicated to the Inter world, from the youth to the women’s (climb in Serie A this year) and to the Inter Campus project, born under the Moratti presidency, in order to help different football schools in the developing countries.

Love her? Attack it (in the sense of the stickers, no to violence)

Final judgment: 8.5 / 10


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