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JUVENTUS OFFICIAL 2019/20 (Euro Publishing Italy)


200 stickers (1-200) + 28 cards pop up (1J-28J)

starter pack: € 6.90 (album + 7 packets)

packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers)

comment: after AC Milan, here is the new Euro Publishing album of the “Old Lady”. Cared for and realized to make all Juventus hearts happy.

Interesting the background of the spaces where to attach the stickers that takes up the new jersey of this season, white / black with a red stripe in the center. Naturally the eighth consecutive championship is celebrated and takes place in the front pages, unlike Milan, however, the album starts immediately with 26 stickers of the 2020 squad.

Then each page is dedicated to each player with 5 stickers, including a double in action and a glitter. Even the new coach Maurizio Sarri has his stickers and a great photo in gym suit, almost wanting to maintain contact with the previous style of the coach (now much more often in a suit and tie than in the past).

Given the news, the album pays out too early and so there are also players at the margins of the project (Emre Can and Mandzukic, for example).

Final part of the album dedicated to the world of Juventus, youth and Women. Sincerely, given the great successes of the women’s team and the important number of players also given to the national team, two stickers for girls is very little, they deserved more space.

Last pages for the stadium photo album and the game jerseys.

Then the 28 pop-up cards to be used on the soccer field in the middle of the album is very nice.

Interesting, but given the firepower of Juventus (including, I repeat, the female team) the album could have been produced in a much more articulate and engaging way.

Final judgment: 6.5 / 10


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