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CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 2019/20 (Topps)


stickers: 595 (1-595)

starter pack: € 3.50 (album + 5 packets + poster)

packets: € 0.70 (5 stickers)

comment: allow a premise, as an Italian seeing a Champions League album start with Atalanta is a source of pride as well as a pleasure. Having the Bergamo team as before allows us to note the first new, the teams are presented in alphabetical order and not divided by country. It is already a step forward compared to the past.

The problem remains of once again having the album not divided into Champions League groups with the teams coming from the playoffs relegated to the last pages of the album. With the new rules at least the teams of the main leagues have dedicated pages, but from football fans, even the so-called “minor” teams deserve the same consideration.

Each team of the first 26 is presented with 19 stickers, a wonderful novelty the glittering stadium stickers, really unexpected and much appreciated. The badges have a much larger sticker format (be careful, not the clubs from the play-offs), the others are small, but the complete pages are a pretty sight.

Updated teams, so as to have, for example, Lukaku and Sanchez at Inter.

The background of the stickers is the same for all the teams and this is not really a happy choice. It makes the whole album a little too repetitive. Top Scorer with sticker in action and in each captain of teams we have glitter stickers.

The paper quality of the sticker is rather poor, they are really very light (close the window if you sit down to attach them), when we think about the cost of a packet we must also always take these parameters into account.

Unlike last year there are no extra stickers in the Italian edition. Different covers in different parts of Europe, have fun finding them all!

In general the album has improved compared to the past but you can do even more for an album as important as the Champions League.

Final judgment: 7,5/10 (one more point for the stadium stickers)


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