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GORMITI stickers (Panini)


stickers: 204 (1-196, F1-F8)

starter pack: € 3.90 (album + packets + poster)

packets: € 0.80 (5 stickers)

comment: the Gormiti are back with the new series! Panini alternates the card album with that of the stickers for one of the most loved children’s cartoon, an extremely nice and well-made series. Our 4 heroes always working with the Bracers of the Elements to defeat the Darkan villains.

The pages tell the cartoon through his characters and their adventures, starting from Gorm, the ancient fortress of the Gormiti. 204 to complete the album, many are special (maybe I was particularly lucky but I opened a packet and found 3 glitter stickers!), The quality of the print is really good and the colors look great.

Ao-Ki, the guardian of knowledge, takes us to discover the various parts of the album, interesting the central part where the pages dedicated to the various peoples (of fire, ice, rock, wind) alternate with those where we see Riff, Ikor, Trek and Eron training.

At the center the special F1-F8 stickers to present the Gormiti kingdoms; very nice the 36 holographic, of course. To fully enjoy the album it is always better to watch a few episodes of the TV series, so as to feel even more involved in the adventures.

Poster inside starter pack only printed, not sticker poster.

Gormiti, among the best characters of the new generation of cartoons!

Final judgment: 8/10



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