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FORZA SPAL! (Panini Italy)

album: FORZA SPAL! 2019/20

stickers: 106

hardcover album: € 1.90

packets: distributed only in Coop supermarkets (4 stickers)

comment: good ​​from Ferrara! SPAL makes an album like Panini already offers in other countries of Europe (especially France, Belgium and Switzerland) of excellent quality and very interesting.

Hardcover edition only, available for purchase at all COOP in the province of Ferrara (ONLY) at the extremely popular price of just € 1.90. Given the quality it is really a gift. Inside we find 106 well-subdivided stickers, an approximate product has not been made, we notice both the care and the passion for the blue-white team of those who prepared it.

The packets are NOT for sale, they are given free every 15.00 euro spent at COOP supermarkets, in the province of Ferrara, of course. If you have any distant relatives living in the area, it is the right time to re-establish relations 🙂

The album starts with the stickers dedicated to the Mazza stadium, which is located in the center of the Estense city, then the stickers of the company staff and then coach and 28 players, for each two stickers, a special silver “In action” and a shaped head in the classic pose of the Calciatori albums.

The choice to present the printed images of the players on which to place the stickers is very fascinating, one of the cases where, if desired, even the album has its charm! (but being of the old guard I always remain of the idea that the stickers are born to be attached).

In the final part of the album, the history of the club, the supporters and the stickers of the great ones who dressed in the colors of the SPAL, on the field or on the bench. Any name? Fabio Capello, Osvaldo Bagnoli, Luigi Delneri, everything then became winners also as coaches.

Really nice, the nice SPAL turns out even more after having browsed these pages. Too bad that other clubs, at least until now, have not wanted to involve Panini in similar projects.

Album to collect and keep in bookstores over the years.

Final judgment: 9/10

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