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L.O.L. 2 (Panini)


cards: 193 (1-184 + D1-D9)

starter pack: binder + 3 packets + ltd edt card € 9.90

packets: € 1.00 (6 cards)

premium packet: € 10.00

packet + magnet: € 2.90

tin box: € 9.90

comment: continue the L.O.L. mania! Costume phenomenon beloved by little girls and also by older girls, Panini does not miss the opportunity to launch another colorful collection on the market. What is the female version of the Adrenalyn? Who knows, the point remains that even with the L.O.L. we have the Tin Box (as for the first album) but also the Premium bag, essential purchases to have all 8 limited edition cards; in fact 2 are found in the starter pack, 4 in the tin box and the last 2 in the premium bags.

The collection is varied and very nice, we must admit that for products like this the cards are much more attractive than the classic figurines from all of us so loved. It can also be seen in the 100 basic cards (B.B. BFF cards) but even more in the 50 GLITTER cards and always better in the 25 NEON BRIGHTS cards with fluorescent colors.

Apotheosis with the 9 MAGIC MOVES cards (animation moving them) and the 9 transparent cards with which to dress the BFF cards mentioned above. These 9 have a separate numbering, from D1 to D9.

We have already written about 8 limited edition cards, with sparkling gold and two mysterious colors that Panini does not reveal and you can only find out by purchasing the Premium bag available.

Not satisfied yet? As for the Calciatori 2019 you can also buy bags + magnet and to the delight of everyone another collection to complete.

Ok, they’re not footballers, but it’s dangerously fun!  

Final judgment: 9/10

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9 April 2024