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EUROPEAN CUP 1956/1986 (Qubotondo Italy)


stickers: 600

album + complete set of stickers € 99.00

comment: the friend Daniele, “deux ex machina” of the EdizioniAmatorialiQubotondo, combines another of his realizing an incredible album (after the splendid one made for Euro 76) dedicated to the first 30 years of the Champions Cup.

To call it an amateur production is right in form, but ungenerous in substance.

The quality is really good, starting with the inaugural edition of 1955/56 the winning teams are presented, both with stickers that draw the highlights of the most important matches, and with the stickers of the 11 champion players. On the sidelines for each edition the top player of one of the other clubs protagonists of the event, sticker that we find in almost all the pages until 1978/79.

To complete all the tables with all the results and the final.

The stickers are not reproductions of previously made albums but they are mostly unpublished photos, all with an excellent quality both of printing and of the album as a whole. If anything the problem, probably to contain costs and not wanting to put the information on the front, is the lack of the numbering of the stickers. This however helps to linger more in the search for players, to recognize or discover for the first time the big names that have made the history of European football.

Final page with 8 great champions who never participated in a Champions Cup final: Riva, Reisenbrink, Charles, Dzaijc, Deyna, Netzer, Blokhin, Masopust.

Finally, an excellent choice to make the album in English so that it can be an interesting and internationally readable product.

Congratulations! Remind our members have special discounts for all Qubotondo releases!

Final judgment: 10/10

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