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FORTNITE stickers (Panini)


stickers: 352

starter pack: album + 5 packets € 4.90

packets: € 1.00 (5 stickers)

comment: after just a few months, as expected, after the card collection, Panini doubles and also releases the sticker book of the FORTNITE blockbuster. The Epic Games videogame is an incredible phenomenon that goes far beyond the classic video game, with tournaments worldwide and also with rich prizes available.

When was the video game made? 2017, in just 2 years it has dug out the competition. Panini creates a particular and original product, starting from the same album, well above the classic Panini standards. Hard cover and glossy paper inside with central poster.

Given the ignorance of those who write about video game characters, this at least allows them to be impartial and look at the collection as a whole as a “figurine” enthusiast. The stickers are of good quality, above all they make species ¼ of the total of special silver figurines. Here, wanting to be able to ask for a greater difference between the many specials, they are all actually silver but we have no variants (satin, fabric, etc.) that have characterized many recent albums by the Modena-based company.

The album traces the evolution of the game from the first to the seventh season, as if it were a TV series and somehow it is just that. The luck of this game is to make you feel part of the same, inserted with both hands in the actions of its protagonists, which are certainly not few, I didn’t count them but I would say that the characters presented are a hundred.

The writer is a lover of stickers rather than cards, but we must say that in this specific case the modern collection surpasses the classic one, making it more connected to the original game. But in this version we find a hilarious central poster with rare images, seen few times and seasonal costumes. Following the evolution of the album is challenging, but also a lot of fun.

Although the quality is very good, just to help the sticker version that is still valid, Panini could put a hand on his heart and not bring the bags to 1.00 euro. On the other hand, it must have cost little to acquire the rights of this video game universally loved and not only by the very young. As for the cards, a second album is also likely during 2020.

Final judgment: 8/10

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